What is Streetwear Clothing?

What is Streetwear Clothing?

Streetwear clothing is currently one of the most powerful areas of the fashion industry right now. The term streetwear has been floating around since the late 1970s with the emergence of punk rock and early hip-hop and is still a common term used in the modern fashion world. But what actually is streetwear clothing and why is it so important?

What is Streetwear? 

The definition of streetwear clothing is pretty simple, with the fashion industry defining it as casual, fashionable clothing worn by individuals who follow popular culture. The majority are under 30 years old, living in urban areas and usually belonging to a subculture group, such as hip-hop music fans and skateboarders.

However, the fashion industry can find it hard to determine what actually qualifies as a streetwear style. Since streetwear covers such a vast range of influences. Individuals are diverse from all aspects of life, from different levels of income to different corners of the globe. Unlike other fashion trends, streetwear clothing is affordable to everyone whether you want bigger brands or order from small businesses like us, there is something for everyone to feel comfortable in. After all, fashion is all about being able to express yourself freely.

What is Considered as Streetwear? 

Streetwear clothing is based on your personal style, with location and income level playing a major factor. The best thing about streetwear is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. This allows you to style clothing in a way that feels authentic to you and not based on what everyone else is doing. At its core streetwear is about being able to mix practicality and comfort with self-expression. 

So, regardless of if you are wearing an expensive designer t-shirt or a more affordable one from Kontroversial, your fashion choices communicate with you and what you stand for. 

A Reflection of Pop Culture

Streetwear clothing has always acted as a reflection of the popular culture of the time. Streetwear changes and adapts as quickly as the people who wear it. Part of the reason why streetwear clothing is so popular is thanks to it being gender-neutral and size-inclusive, unlike the majority of the common fashion areas. The inclusivity of streetwear clothing allows everyone to enjoy the area of fashion, without the worry of not fitting in. 

Kontroversial Streetwear

At Kontroversial we work to create change and want to allow everyone to be their authentic selves. Our streetwear is for those who strive for better and want to make a change. We have a wide range of streetwear clothing from acid-washed sweats to tees, there is something for everyone. So F≠CK THE RULES with Kontroversial and is whoever you want to be! Follow us on Instagram for inspiration on how to be your authentic self. 

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