Understanding Genderless Fashion

Understanding Genderless Fashion

There used to be a clear distinction between men's and women's clothing. The trend reflected the era's patriarchal culture. Women were dressed identically in intricate and elegant gowns, indicating that they should be passive and pleasant-looking. Men, on the other hand, may be active and at ease with both clean-cut and loose-cut hairstyles. Nowadays, we can see how the line has become increasingly blurred, especially with genderless fashion having a significant impact on the fashion industry.

The notion that humans are either male or female is deeply embedded in Western society, but as research and the experiences of countless non-gender-conforming individuals demonstrate, sex and gender are really not perfectly binary. So why should our clothes be any different?

What is Genderless Fashion? 

Genderless fashion is nothing other than people's freedom to dress however they want. Making clothes with a straight cut that is unisex is not an adaptation of designers. Quite the contrary! It is the possibility of allowing individuals to select the type of clothing they want to wear, whether it's masculine or feminine. 

Influencers of Genderless Fashion 

While Instagram is notorious for fostering widespread superficiality, it has also fostered strong communities around the world. At its best, social media can connect and empower those who need it the most. We can change the conversation about these advancing technologies if we choose to make a positive difference in the world through social media. Here are just some of the many influencers breaking the stereotypes and rewriting the rules of identity and fashion:


Jamie Windust is a model, writer, and LGBTQIA+ activist. They've written for publications like Dazed, The Independent, and Gay Times. Jamie has risen to prominence as an Instagram influencer in addition to their writing career. Their look is vibrant with bright colours, mixed prints, and larger-than-life silhouettes, but it's also perfectly curated! Jamie uses their platform to constantly advocate for LGBTQIA+ inclusion and representation in the fashion industry.


Autumn Cain, who lives a few hours outside of Chicago, is a visual and makeup artist. Art has always been a passion of theirs, serving as an outlet for their anxiety. They began posting more of their looks and discovered they had a passion for editorial cosmetics, which frequently incorporates their own love of art and alternative fashion.


Dee Sikora is a makeup artist and content creator who currently resides in Montreal. They are originally from Ontario and have been in the beauty industry for over ten years. He's best known for using colour and glitter in their Instagram looks. In addition to creating beauty content, Dee focuses on educating people about not assuming a person's gender based on physical appearance, recognising pronouns, and appreciating both feminine and masculine traits in everybody.

More fashion and beauty brands are now embracing the genderless fashion movement, which is a great step toward positive change in the gender norms that still exist today. After all, why follow rules that prevent you from being who you truly are? Our gender-neutral products are created on the streets, for the streets. We create pieces that don't need to be justified. Take control of your style today and raise awareness in your daily life that it is okay to be yourself without conforming to gender norms by shopping for our full gender-fluid collection. For inspiration, F≠ck the rules and follow us on Instagram.

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