How to Support Local Clothing Businesses

How to Support Local Clothing Businesses

As of 2020, there were almost 6 million small to medium-sized businesses operating in the UK. The pandemic has had a drastic effect on small businesses, with some, unfortunately, having to close their doors and put their staff on furlough. The fashion industry has also been negatively impacted by the pandemic, with production ceasing in some locations and demand lessening.

Now that the country is opening up again, small businesses need your support, now more than ever. As the demand for gender-neutral clothing increases, so does the need for smaller businesses who pay greater focus to the needs of the population, rather than making quick money...

'Support Small Businesses' is a common phrase that you may see many company founders promoting, but it isn't for their own benefit. Locally produced products benefit the local economy as well as provide a necessary service, allowing creative individuals to keep producing exceptional content.

Here at Kontroversial, we place a heavy emphasis on blurring the lines on gendered fashion. We believe that people should be able to dress in a way that is comfortable to them, regardless of societal norms. From acid wash hoodies to gender-free tees, we're here to take a stand against fast fashion and gendered ideals surrounding fashion. But we need your help...

Focus on Quality over Quantity

When you think of larger clothing brands and distributors, such as Primark or Asos, the amount of clothing options to choose from seems endless. No matter whether you need some new 'going out' clothes or you're in need of new attire for the gym, these stores seem to always have what you're looking for, in different colours and styles. What's more, is that they're also, usually, pretty cheap. For someone looking for a quick change in their look, this is a great concept. But in terms of sustainability, supporting small and the overall quality of the garments, it is actually pretty harmful.

Small fashion businesses won't usually stock as much clothing as bigger brands, but you can almost guarantee that a lot more attention to detail has been provided. More often than not, the quality of the clothing surpasses the standards set by high street retailers, as there's usually more of a message being displayed in the clothing.

Most retailers are out to make lots of money, fast. Small businesses create their products with each customer in mind, and each sale is contributing to a bigger picture and message. Quality over quantity is an important aspect to consider when looking for clothing. You want clothing that will last you for a few years, not something that will fade or wear after a few months. This brings us on to our next point...

Tackle 'Fast Fashion' Head-On

'Fast fashion' is not only compromising the integrity and ethics of smaller businesses, but it is also incredibly damaging to the environment. More than 100 billion pieces of clothing are manufactured globally, and a small portion of that will go to waste. Fast fashion also contributes to the exploitation of workers, particularly in developing nations. Smaller businesses usually design and manufacturer their clothing locally, ethically sourcing their garments and keeping their morals in check.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, with tonnes upon tonnes of textiles being transported to landfills each year. This is due to cheap items of clothing being mass-produced and readily available, so people have no issue disposing of them. By paying just that little bit more for clothing that isn't as mass-produced can not only benefit the planet, but can provide you with a more unique fashion statement.

Our gender-neutral clothing here at Kontroversial is perfect for each and every individual looking for a new way to express themselves in their fashion choices. This acid wash hoodie comes in a range of sizes, and is creatively designed and manufactured by a small fashion business looking to make a difference in the industry and in society. You can view our full collection of urban clothing here.

The Bigger Picture; Supporting Your Local Economy

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are essential for the growth of the economy. It has been shown that, for every £1 spent in a small business, 63p get sent straight back to the local economy. Smaller businesses open up job opportunities within the local community, and the more you support them, the more that they can grow and support more people. Even if you don't buy from a small business, it takes two seconds to share the company on social media and with your loved ones, increasing brand awareness.

Small fashion businesses need your help, now more than ever. It may be incredibly tempting to venture online to a big-name brand and look for a cheaper option, but consider the bigger picture. Here at Kontroversial, we're selling more than just urban, gender-neutral clothing. We're promoting a message that each and every person should be able to dress how they want, free of criticism and controversy.

We believe in the beauty of bleach, each piece is gifted with a new, unique design with various tones. From acid wash hoodies and tees to gender-neutral sweaters, we're here to support the activists, the non-conformers and the 'shop local' warriors!

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