Why is Streetwear Clothing Important?

Why is Streetwear Clothing Important?

Since the introduction of streetwear into the fashion world, it has become almost as constant as the rising sun. Almost everyone is wearing it or discussing it! At any given time of day, you can expect to see at least three out of every ten people dressed in streetwear clothing. Even on social media, at least one out of every five picture posts features people dressed in streetwear clothing. This demonstrates how much streetwear has become a fashion staple. It also begs the question, "What Is the Importance of Streetwear?" Continue reading for the answers to this question!

What is Streetwear Clothing? 

The fashion industry defines streetwear clothing as casual, fashionable clothing worn by individuals who follow popular culture. The majority are under 30 years old, live in cities, and are typically members of a subculture, such as hip-hop music fans and skateboarders.

However, the fashion industry can struggle to define what constitutes a streetwear style. Because streetwear encompasses such a diverse range of influences. Individuals vary in all aspects of life, from different income levels to different parts of the world. Unlike other fashion trends, streetwear clothing is affordable to everyone. Whether you prefer larger brands or order from small businesses like us, there is something for everyone. After all, fashion is about being able to freely express yourself. Learn more about the basics of streetwear clothing here.

Streetwear Clothing is Cultural

The distinction between streetwear and luxury wear is that streetwear is older. While luxury fashion trends change on a monthly/yearly basis and often represent nothing in particular, streetwear is rooted in ethnic fashion style. Streetwear represents a culture that represents a distinct way of life, music, and art. It provides a platform for skateboarders, rappers, and DJs to express themselves. It is significant because of the cultural representation it provides.

Streetwear Clothing is Comfortable

The first and main reason why original streetwear brands like Supreme have grown in popularity is because they provide us with comfortable outfits. Warm and cosy streetwear clothing. It does not restrict movement in the same way that dresses or skirts do. This means that streetwear outfits can be worn for almost any activity. So far, the most comfortable fashion style available is streetwear clothing. For this reason alone, streetwear will continue to be popular for many years to come.

Streetwear is Gender Neutral Clothing

Streetwear clothing is a style that both men and women can appreciate. While streetwear women's outfits are usually smaller than men's, streetwear style lady can still buy their outfits in men's streetwear sizes. One of the main reasons streetwear is gender neutral is because size isn't an issue. Whether you choose big sizes, medium sizes, or fitting sizes, your streetwear apparel will still look great!

Streetwear is Fashionable

The cherry on top is that streetwear is not only comfortable, cultural and gender neutral, but it's also fashionable. The patterned hoodies, bright sneakers, sweatpants/joggers and oversized t-shirts all contribute to an edgy, bold look. The stylishness of streetwear is one of the reasons celebrities and everyday people alike are obsessed with the look. Streetwear is also adaptable. Each piece can be easily rotated to create a new look each time.

About Kontroversial

At Kontroversial we work to create change and want to allow everyone to be their authentic selves. Our streetwear is for those who strive for better and want to make a change. We have a wide range of streetwear clothing from acid-washed sweats to tees, there is something for everyone. So F≠CK THE RULES with Kontroversial and is whoever you want to be! Follow us on Instagram for inspiration on how to be your authentic self. 


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