How to Make a Memorable Fashion Statement

How to Make a Memorable Fashion Statement

In a world full of more people pushing the boundaries of fashion and ignoring societal norms, it's becoming harder to stand out from the crowd. 75% of people in a recent study expressed their desire for fashion brands to do more to improve the lives of the people wearing their clothes. This applies to how sustainable they are, as well as allowing them to express themselves freely. Some people don't think too much about the effects their clothes have on society, but more and more people are taking the initiative to make small changes.  Here at Kontroversial, we provide unisex clothing and streetwear in the UK to help everyone feel comfortable in their skin, and make a bold fashion statement...

There are many factors that play a part in how memorable your fashion moment is. Most of the time, those that take risks and feel comfortable in their choice of clothing make the most impact. An outfit that sticks in someone's mind was not crafted by accident; the person wearing the memorable outfit knew that their clothing would make an impression in the street. To push the boundaries of fashion means making the world a more comfortable place for everyone to live in, and unisex clothing is just the beginning.

Clothing with a Message

One of the most prominent ways to make a fashionable statement is to ensure that a message accompanies your choice. This could be plain and simple in the form of a slogan tee, or it could be quite discreet. Certain tees and hoodies, particularly in street fashion, will incorporate messages into their branding concerning societal issues in order to show solidarity and make the message loud and clear. This could be in the form of a symbol, a phrase or even a simple image.

Big brands, such as fast fashion corporations, will often jump on a bandwagon to sell clothing and then show no other inclinations that they believe in the message printed on their clothing. Ever noticed that some brands will sell LGBT+ clothing for the entirety of Pride Month, and then those particular items are nowhere to be seen for the rest of the year? Try looking towards smaller brands who believe in the message they are displaying. 

Here at Kontroversial, our unity tees display a clear message of celebrating togetherness, promoting a message rooted deep within the core of our business. To view our full collection of urban tees, please visit us here.

Find the Perfect Fit

What is defined as the 'perfect fit' depends on the person wearing the clothing. For some, tight clothing that clings to their skin is the best way to wear an outfit, whereas other prefer baggy, oversized T-shirts and sweaters for a cosier feel. Anyway, who's to decide whether a piece of clothing is too big or too small? More people are opting for oversized clothing; girls in particular are turning oversized shirts into dresses that they can wear on nights out. The more a fashion trend becomes popular, the more it is accepted, and choosing a size that suits you is a great way to get that message across.

All of our clothing here at Kontroversial is completely gender-neutral, allowing each and every person to choose the best size for them. Whether you want something a little smaller or you're going for a more oversized vibe, our urban clothing can suit you and your style perfectly.

Mixing Different Styles

There's no unwritten rule out there that says you have to pick one style and stick with it. A mix and match of fashion genres can actually complement each other, and can even catch attention in the street. So, if you want to mix streetwear style with hot pink tones or pair a high fashion dress with simple sneakers, there should be nothing stopping you if it would make you feel more comfortable. Sure, it might turn heads, but you're making a fashion statement by getting that attention, and showcasing how confident you feel in your attire.

If you're on the hunt for streetwear in the UK, our gender-neutral clothing suits all kinds of styles, and presents the message that equality and non-conformity is the future of fashion. To find out more about our brand, our message, or just shop around, everything can be found on our website here. Whether you want to make a bold or discreet statement, we've got the style points for you.

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