Give back This Black Friday

Give back This Black Friday


 This Black Friday we’re asking our customers to pay full price for our clothes, so that we can donate 15% of all sales to the LGBTQI+ charity, Rainbow Mind.


Rainbow Mind is a mental health service specifically for individuals within this minority community across Greater Manchester and London.

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Research carried out by the charity recently revealed that 26.9% of LGBTQI+ individuals feel anxious or embarrassed when trying to access mental health support. And the number rises to 30% for those who are transgender and 33% for those who identify as non-binary.


These anxieties are often grounded in the very real discrimination that people in this community face, as 13% report experiencing unfair treatment by healthcare staff due to their gender identity or sexual orientation.


We are extremely passionate about issues surrounding identity, which is why we’re asking you to pay in full this Black Friday, in order to support the charity’s crucial work.


Kontroversial was launched with a clear vision of a more sustainable and inclusive society, where clothing is no longer gender specific.


Our aim as a company is to disrupt all traditional gender expectations, and to create a world where everyone can live as their most authentic selves.

Inequality logo design

Founder, Kate Friar, says, ‘It’s hugely important to us to make all of the pieces and lines 100% gender-neutral, appealing to men, women, the trans community and non-binary audiences.


‘Rainbow Mind’s services are incredibly important for the LGBTQI+ community right now, and it’s our honour to be able to support them in any way we can.

‘We believe that nobody should be made to feel uncomfortable, anxious, or embarrassed about being true to themselves and that the war on discrimination and rigid stereotypes is one we should all be fighting together.’

We will soon be launching a new campaign, ‘I Am Kontroversial’, working with Manchester based influencers to tear down the expectations of gender identities in fashion.

It’s going to be something you do not want to miss. To keep up with all things Kontroversial, follow us on Instagram: @_kontroversial.

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