Needs to Know About Gender Neutral Clothing

Needs to Know About Gender Neutral Clothing

Gender-neutral clothing is currently rising in popularity and is often described as clothing suitable for both men and women. The term is often referred to as clothing that can be worn by any gender. But what actually counts as gender-neutral clothing?  

What is Gender Neutral Clothing? 

Clothing having a gender is a social construct. As an example, people may assume that high heels were created with the intention they would be worn by women. However, high heeled shoes were worn by men in the past to imply they had an upper-class status. Only an individual who could afford not to work could afford and practically wear such exaggerated shoes. 

As a society, we actively go out of our way to break fashion into two main segments, clothing for men and clothing for women. While gender is continuing to evolve within our society, fashion is trying to keep up with the change. Gender-neutral clothing is now becoming increasingly popular with the new generation pushing these boundaries of gender, but what does gender-neutral clothing actually look like? 

What Makes Clothing Gender Neutral? 

Gender-neutral clothing is designed without the restriction of sexes, by being committed to fluidity and comfort. Many brands are now producing gender-neutral clothing that can be worn in multiple styles and ways, regardless of who might be wearing them. The clothing tends to be simplistic and neutral coloured, intending to work well with all body types. 

Gender-neutral clothing doesn’t mean your fashion sense has to be simple. For instance, accessories can be worn to give your unisex clothing a sense of style or an edge to your outfit. Gender-neutral trends often have small elements which make an outfit stand out. The idea is not for everyone to look the same, but for society to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear whilst also having a canvas to express their true selves. 

Our OUT OF BOUNDS TEE could be worn by itself, with jeans or could be paired with fishnet tights, big chunky boots and chains to give the look a more alternative vibe. The purpose of Kontroversial is for society to be able to express themselves without the fear of judgement. 

The Future of Gender Neutral Fashion 

Gender-neutral streetwear clothing allows for an inclusive space where anyone is welcome, by promoting a culture that encourages individuals to express themselves in a non-conforming way. The attitude of the younger generation has created a social shift, forcing a change of values and ideologies regarding gender norms. 

The fastly growing community of streetwear clothing lovers is inclusive and accepts people who have been alienated by society in the past. For this to be effective in wider society, the collective thought needs to change and be able to emphasise with people in all areas of their self-expression. When it comes to the fashion industry there has to be accepted with no boundaries based around sexes and gender. 

Kontroversial Gender-Neutral Clothing 

Our genderless products are designed in the streets, for the streets. We design pieces that require no justification. You can find our full gender-neutral collection here, so take control of your style today and raise awareness in your day to day life that it is okay to be yourself without conforming to gender norms. F≠ck the rules and follow us on Instagram for inspiration. 

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