Why is Gender-Neutral Clothing so Important?

Why is Gender-Neutral Clothing so Important?

Over the years, fashion standards and “what’s acceptable” have continuously changed. From hoop skirts and leather jackets to leg warmers and shell suits, each decade has its staple fashion statement for men and women. In the past couple of years, the landscape has changed. People are realising that “what’s acceptable” is whatever an individual feels comfortable in, no matter what society dictates. There are no longer stand-out statement pieces for men and women; instead, fashion is starting to blend into one entity that everyone can enjoy. Public opinion seems to be swaying towards one agree upon mantra; if you like it, you should wear it, regardless of what department it comes from. Gender-neutral clothing is in, and it’s only growing in popularity.

Here at Kontroversial, we believe that each and every person should be able to dictate their own fashion sense, ignoring gender norms and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Our unisex clothing combines 90s fashion, hip-hop and street art to create a style that requires no justification. The future of fashion is changing, and we’re proud to be a part of the movement.

The Future of the Fashion Industry

In Spring 2020, the Paris Men’s Shows were praised for their genderless approach to fashion, with more masculine figures donned in dresses with floral prints, ballet skirts and pastel tones. Gender-neutral clothing is nothing new, with artists such as David Bowie and Pete Burns pushing the boundaries of gender in the 70s and 80s. However, with individuals feeling more comfortable wearing what they want, and with more people identifying as non-binary, seeing one of the biggest platforms of fashion embracing gender-neutrality was refreshing.

The future of our society now rests on Generation Z’s shoulders, and with 38% of the younger generation holding the belief that gender doesn’t define a person, the fashion industry is changing its rhetoric. The negative effects of gender stereotypes have bled their way into the population’s fashion sense for too long; with more gender neutrality comes greater acceptance, so even the less confident people among us can feel comfortable in clothing that truly speaks to them.

What makes a man or a woman are outdated views to have, especially in terms of what each individual can wear and what their interests are. Our UK streetwear relates to an entire generation that wishes to break free from a box they have been confined in since childhood, a generation that no longer wishes to conform. The fashion industry is finally making appropriate changes, and we’re already ahead of the curve…

How Can Unisex Clothing Help the Sustainable Movement?

The fashion industry has often been accused of being harmful to the environment; fast fashion is an easy option for a lot of people, as it’s cheaper and people cannot be blamed for looking for a more practical option. However, these practices are detrimental to our planet, and they’re only getting worse. As well as being the most inclusive option, gender-neutral clothing could also serve as a bridge for the fashion industry to cross over into sustainable territory, a gateway that it desperately needs to utilise.

Instead of looking for fast fashion favours online and in-store from different gendered departments, people can shop regardless of gender. This leads to individuals swapping and changing clothing between themselves rather than looking for the next quick clothing choice. This encourages more people to look towards gender-neutral clothing, turning towards brands that care about inclusivity, like ours.

Also, the processes we use to create our UK streetwear is carried out with the environment in mind, with bleaching that takes place with just one rinse of water. Sustainability is something we consider in all elements of our design, which you can find out more about in our previous article here.

Why We’re Passionate About Gender-Neutral Clothing

We fully believe that no one should have to live by certain rules when it comes to their clothing. Every single person has the right to feel comfortable in what they wear, living without fear of judgement from a conforming society. The desire to break the mould and live freely is a concept that more and more people are now embracing. Our gender-neutral clothing aims to encourage everyone to live their best life in the clothing they choose, free of gendered labels.

Our various clothing items are uniquely designed to suit an urban, edgier society, with a heavy emphasis on street style and 90s inspired fashion. Want to find out more about our brand? You can view our full collection here.
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