Gender Fluid Fashion Isn’t a Trend and Here is Why

Gender Fluid Fashion Isn’t a Trend and Here is Why

Is gender fluid fashion going to be a trend, or is it the future of fashion? In the modern-day, gender norms are still as relevant as ever, rooted deep within our lives and cultures without most of us realising. Since the recent pandemic, gender norms in the fashion industry have been challenged, with oversized clothing becoming a trend for all genders, due to comfort and practicality. But is gender-fluid fashion really a new concept?

Gender Fluid Fashion Throughout History

As far back as 2000 BC, ancient Egyptian men could be seen wearing high heels because they were designed for men and not women. You might be surprised to learn that heels were created for butchers, so they could keep their feet clean whilst slaughtering animals. Men and women were also known in these times for their dark kohl eyeliner, which served both ritualistic and practical purposes. The social norms around make-up were not seen as a feminine product but more as an exaggeration of wealth in this period.  

Moving forward to more recent times Yves Saint Laurent became famous for putting women in trousers, with his ‘Le Smoking’ women’s tuxedo suit back in 1966. With the 1970s came the natural hippie look, where fashion trends applied to men and women. Both genders would wear long and flowing clothing as a way of showing being a free spirit against the gender norms seen in the previous decades of the 1940s and 1950s was okay.

The Future

So though gender norms may still be present in modern times, fashion is starting to push back at the boundaries yet again. With pop stars of the 21st century breaking the internet with their gender-fluid fashion statements. We are starting to see a new wave of young designers breaking the binary chains with their art. Harris Reed kicked off London Fashion Week 2022 with his new regal collection, which showcased fluidity at its finest. Reed, alongside Cassie Rendle, designed a half-female and half-male chest piece which stole the show.


Both unisex clothing and gender-fluid fashion are reshaping the way the world sees fashion at the moment. While gender-fluid clothing celebrates both the masculine and the feminine, unisex clothing is often simple and used as a way to hide gender under loose clothing. The aim of gender-fluid fashion and unisex clothing isn’t for us all to look the same, it is a way for us all to be able to freely and safely express ourselves in what we wear by wearing whatever makes us feel like our true authentic selves. 

Kontroversial Gender Fluid Fashion

We are now seeing more fashion and beauty brands adopting the gender-fluid movement, which is a great step towards positive change in the gender norms that are still present today. After all, why live by the rules that stop you from being who you truly are? Our genderless products are designed in the streets, for the streets. We design pieces that require no justification. You can find our full gender-fluid collection here, so take control of your style today and raise awareness in your day to day life that it is okay to be yourself without conforming to gender norms. F≠ck the rules and follow us on Instagram for inspiration. 

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