Why We Need Diversity in Clothing, Now More Than Ever

Why We Need Diversity in Clothing, Now More Than Ever

The fashion spectrum has, for the most part, been pretty binary. Icons such as David Bowie and Grace Jones paved the way for a new look on fashion, with Avante Garde styles and unisex clothing that introduced a new wave of iconic looks that influenced society. Although these looks are iconic today, average people in society didn't adopt them as their day to day looks. Instead, we've followed trends that are popular within society, and most of the time, these looks were gendered. In today's contemporary age, this " gendered clothing" view is becoming incredibly outdated...

From the age of Bowie comes a new vision for the future of fashion; diversity, inclusivity and gender neutral clothing are becoming increasingly visible with the likes of pop culture figures expressing themselves in their fashion choices. Many might see Harry Styles wearing long skirts as outlandish, but others are viewing it as permission to wear whatever they like, regardless of societal opinion. This is why diversity in the fashion industry has never been so important...


The Future of Fashion is Genderless

In 2020, Vogue released an article that discussed the debate surrounding Harry Style's decision to wear a dress on their December issue cover. They discussed how the 'debate' in itself highlighted how our view on fashion is encased in a gender binary; because he identifies as male, it is unusual for him to wear a dress, but why should it be? Retail and fashion is moving into a new age; shopping is a way of self-expression, and individuals shouldn't be forced into a department they don't feel comfortable in.

Men and women's departments are usually on different floors and on a different part of a website, so people often feel pressured into choosing a department and sticking with it. Style is fluid, flexible and without boundaries, and big department stores have all the power when it comes to what is 'right and wrong' in fashion. If more stores began to promote diversity and gender neutral clothing in their stores, then society would lean into a more accepting view, rather than starting debates on social media concerning whether it's okay for a male celebrity to wear a skirt.

Diversity means highlighting various genders wearing a wide variety of clothing to express to the next generation that they should be allowed to feel comfortable in whatever clothing they choose. Having models representing different races and genders too can help the next generation feel more included, setting a precedent for the future ahead.


The Fashion Industry and the Environment

In recent years, the fashion industry has come under scrutiny for putting profit over the environment. 'Fast Fashion' is becoming an increasing worry; certain fashion labels are manufacturing cheap clothing with heavy use of plastic. Because the clothing is so cheap, people usually don't have an issue simply throwing it away rather than getting their use out of it. As the demand increases, these unethical practices are used more and more. This is the case with most big names on the high street, so we need more diversity in how our clothing is made to make a difference.

Alongside transport, the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. Smaller businesses use more ethical practices when making their clothing, which in itself creates diversity within the fashion industry. Fashionable clothing doesn't have to compromise when it comes to saving the planet, and our unisex clothing range here at Kontroversial is designed and created with care and consistency. You can view our range of stylish tees here.


Our Collection

Forbes said it best; the time is now for diversity in fashion. We believe that everyone, regardless of gender expression, should be able to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable. All of our designs display a unique message, allowing everyone to express themselves however they choose. We don't believe in boundaries in the fashion world, and to make a statement, you need to stand out. Our gender-neutral range comes in various sizes suited to each person. This Unity tee displays a message of togetherness, promoting diversity and encouraging inclusivity.

Fashion is genderless, but promoting that message takes large-scale acceptance from society. By promoting diversity, we can make the fashion industry a more comfortable place for everyone.

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