How Clothing Impacts our Self Esteem

How Clothing Impacts our Self Esteem

One of the biggest factors that can affect our mental health is comments made by other people. There are a range of elements that contribute to a person's mental wellbeing, but negative comments made about their appearance can take their toll. People who dress in alternative clothing are often easy targets, because they aren't seen as following the norm. However, these comments seem to be drifting as more people turn to gender-neutral clothing, pushing what society determines as 'acceptable.' The clothes we wear express who we are, and we should never have to compromise comfort for our mental health. In fact, they should blend together...

With so many alternative brands and gender-neutral clothing options out there, it is becoming easier for those that don't identify with the norm to dress however they'd like. However, it can still be difficult for those struggling with their identity to take those steps. What we wear can actually benefit our mental health as it boosts our self-esteem. But with certain people in society taking no thought for their words, how can we overcome our own anxieties?

Being Challenged for Being 'Different'

You will often hear accounts from people who dress in outlandish outfits talk about how they have been heckled on the street for simply dressing in a way that they feel comfortable. Some people don't accept change, and anyone stepping outside of the box is automatically seen as offensive, for whatever reason. Of course, if we all wore the exact same style, life would be pretty boring. It has often been argued that school uniforms decrease bullying due to everyone looking to same, but bullying still exists with or without uniforms. 

Instead of removing an individual's freedom of expression, we should tackle bullying head-on...

The more that people stay true to who they are, the greater chance we have of drowning out negative opinions for good. It is no one's place to make you feel bad about what you wear. Times are changing, and girls and boys are no longer fenced into their own little sections when it comes to clothing. Boys can wear skirts and girls can wear suits, because clothing has no gender.

The LGBT community have been great trailblazers in making fashion a more gender-neutral concept. Iconic looks from those changing the game, such as Billy Porter and a whole array of drag queens from RuPaul's inventory, are shaping the fashion world for the better. Gender-neutral fashion can have a great impact on our mental health, especially for the non-binary community. Even if they're not ready to come out, alternative clothing can help people feel comfortable in their own skin. From charcoal hoodies to unity tees, we've got a full collection here at Kontroversial.

Gender-Neutral Clothing Impact

Medium said it best; gender-neutral clothing is the future. 38% of Gen Z individuals believed that gender does not define a person, and our outdated binary beliefs are making way for a more accepting society. This is great news for anyone wishing to experiment with gender fluidity and less gendered clothing pieces, especially if they don't feel that it fits who they are inside. Various fashion publications such as Vogue stress the importance of gender-neutral fashion and how it will encapsulate the future. But how can this benefit mental health and combat discrimination?

The more people push their own boundaries and ignore unfair comments, the more that these comments will begin to disappear. Society gets bored of a trend easily, and when the minority become more visible, acceptance begins to bloom. There's still a long way to go, and the words of others can still have a detrimental impact on mental health. Therefore, we need to take the power back, for individuality everywhere...

Taking Back the Power

Too many people have been backed into a corner by sneers and comments directed at what they're wearing. Clothing doesn't hurt anybody, but it can make others feel insecure, so they lash out and take their frustration out on anyone daring to be different. By wearing exactly what you want, you can stand up to the bullies of society, and make the world a kinder place to live in. With more defiance comes more confidence, building up your self-esteem and allowing you to take a stand.

Here at Kontroversial, every single piece of clothing we have designed possess a message, and they are all completely gender-neutral. This charcoal hoodie is acid-sprayed; a bold pattern to stand out from the crowd and capture your own essence. To find out more, you can visit our website here.
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