How your Clothing Choices Can Raise Awareness

How your Clothing Choices Can Raise Awareness

For centuries, clothing and fashion choices have been utilised as a way to express oneself. Individuals choose their clothing in order to feel comfortable and recognised, unless they're dressing formally for work or education. As the times change, people are choosing their clothing choices free of stereotypes and gender, incorporating tropes of awareness and clarity for particular groups. Using clothing as fashion statements is a great way to stick in someone's mind, and get them thinking about the message behind your clothing...

Each independently designed, gender-neutral clothing piece here at Kontroversial is lovingly designed with a particular message to display. We believe that everyone should be able to dress completely free of societal pressure. If you're comfortable in what you're wearing, then you're happy in your own skin. Our clothing has something important to say, and we're on a mission to spread these messages far and wide...


Mental Health

The stigma surrounding mental health issues has decreased significantly in recent years, but there is still some shame that lingers around the topic. Some people don't feel safe talking about their mental health, which can be incredibly dangerous. With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health condition each year in the UK, it has never been more important to let people know that it is okay not to be okay. 

Clothing with a simple slogan, or with the logo to a mental health charity could do the trick, and if it is made by the charity themselves, proceeds will move along to a good cause.

Here at Kontroversial, we work closely with Rainbow Minds, an LGBT+ mental health charity based in London and Manchester. We understand how important it is to talk and seek help, before it's too late, so our partnership means a great deal to our company and cause. Our Chaos denim sweater expresses the chaotic, busy lives that some of us lead

This fast-paced life that we lead can transcend into our mental health, which can affect our vision and happiness. It's also a symbol of owning your own mind and mental health, wearing it like a badge of honour; when you accept your mental health, you are no longer afraid of it, releasing its hold upon you.


Feminism and Equality

There have been various movements in recent years surrounding women's safety and the fight against sexual misconduct. "Me Too" and "Say No" are just two important milestones that saw women and AFAB (assigned female at birth) individuals reclaim their own bodies and take a stand. Feminism has gone through waves, but is still as important now as it was during the suffragette movement. Change never happened when people remained silent, so it's time to make some noise and display your message with pride.

Our Out of Bounds tee is a simple yet powerful design perfect for displaying a message of "my body, my choice." Each person should have complete control over their own body, and their clothing is not an invitation for anyone to take advantage of them. Each person is different in terms of style and individuality, but one thing remains the same; no one should dictate who you let into your inner circle, and no one should make you feel insecure about how you dress.


Body Positivity

No matter your shape, size or clothing preferences, we should all be allowed to feel good in our skin. Body positivity is an important attribute in promoting good mental health. We all have things we'd like to change about ourselves, but when those opinions are brought about by other people's comments, it can cause us to feel insecure and shut down. Certain clothing pieces can display messages of body positivity for others and yourself, but the ultimate symbol of body positivity is wearing clothing that you, personally, feel amazing and comfortable wearing.

Our Unity tee comes in various sizes and presents an important message of togetherness. The uniquely sketched hands promote equality and acceptance, which each person is entitled to feel. You can choose a size that feels comfortable on you, so not only does the sketch and message display a promotion of body positivity, but an individual wearing a tee that makes them feel good shows a person that loves and accepts their body the way that it is.

Here at Kontroversial, we don't believe in conforming to what society expects. We want everyone to feel good in their skin, with bespoke 1990s clothing and authentic streetwear that breaks boundaries and refuses to conform. You can find our full collection here, so take control of your wardrobe today and raise awareness in your day to day life.
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