Oversized Clothing is More than just Comfort

Oversized Clothing is More than just Comfort

There are numerous perspectives on the Coronavirus pandemic's outcome. For fashionistas, home lockdown and working from home have given rise to new fashion trends that have become wardrobe-essentials. With comfort taking precedence over style, oversized clothing has become one of the most popular trends in recent years. Whether it's trousers, t-shirts, outerwear, or dresses, wearing them baggy is now the preferred style. And besides, what could be better than oversized clothing when lounging around at home? They are great for staying cool or cuddling up and staying warm when needed.

Changing Fashion Standards 

There is a common old expression in the fashion industry that beauty is pain. To look our most glamorous, we used to put ourselves in awkward positions by squeezing into sky-high heels, skin-tight dresses, or skinny pants. Fortunately, not every fashion trend is worth following. Indeed, the majority of them are brief moments that create little traction before fizzling out, allowing a way for the next batch. Some, on the other hand, are genuinely intriguing and have the potential to forever change the way we dress. At Kontroversial, we think oversized clothing is one of these moments. 


Why is Oversized Clothing Popular?

During the 1990s, oversized fashion undoubtedly signalled the start of a new trend for urban youth. This style's minimalist aesthetic, which provides space and a sense of comfort, is a simple and chic way to "debut" one's restored sense of fashion after a bleak pandemic. Individuals who indulge in hip-hop music generally wear oversized clothes so that they are not restricted or cause their pants to tear when they do their dance moves. So people who wear oversized clothing will have this hip-hop "look and feel" more often than not. Learn more about how 90s hip hop changed fashion by reading our previous article. 

Gender-neutral clothing is created without regard for sexes, with an emphasis on fluidity and comfort. Many clothing brands are now making gender-neutral clothing that can be worn in a variety of styles and ways regardless of who is wearing it. The clothing is typically oversized, intending to flatter all body types. Gender-neutral streetwear clothing promotes a culture that encourages people to express themselves in non-conforming ways, resulting in an inclusive environment where everybody is welcome. The younger gen's mindset has caused a social transition, requiring a shift in values and ideals regarding gender norms. So not only is oversized clothing popular, it’s important.  

At the moment, both unisex clothing and gender-neutral fashion are reshaping the way the world perceives fashion. While gender-fluid clothing celebrates both the masculine and feminine, unisex clothing is frequently simple and used to conceal gender under oversized clothing. The primary objective of gender-fluid fashion and unisex clothing is not for us all to look the same; rather, it is a way for us all to openly and confidently express ourselves in whatever we wear by wearing clothing that makes us feel like our true authentic selves. To learn more about the importance of gender- neutral clothing read our previous article


Oversized Clothing with Kontroversial 

Our genderless oversized clothing is created in the streets and for the streets. We create pieces that don't need to be justified. Take control of your style today and raise awareness in your daily life that it is okay to be yourself without conforming to gender norms by shopping for our full gender-neutral collection. F≠ck the rules and follow us on Instagram for inspiration. 

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