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Ambassador - Tobias Holt

Name: Tobias Holt

Age: 27

Occupation: Personal trainer and Life coach 


Kontroversial's bank of new brand ambassadors is completed by fitness influencer and mental health mentor Toby Holt. A former drug user, Toby experienced severe depression and suicidal thoughts, and his narrative tells how fitness saved his life. Now a professional personal trainer (and Only Fans content creator), he uses his experience to help mentor others online.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Iconic, inspirational, emotional  

How would someone else describe you?

Loud, funny, but a bit of a know it all. 

Describe your style.

I always like to dress fresh. I wear whatever I want, whenever I want, as long as the colours match! 

What do you like about your Kontroversial piece? 

I chose the Kontroversial Charcoal Acid Sprayed Hoodie. It's an amazing fit, comfy, and matches most things in my wardrobe. I love the fit of the Kontroversial range, and the ethos behind it.  If I like something, I'm going to buy it and wear it. I don't care what section it is in. 

Why did you style it the way you did?

I loved how it looked with my jeans, casual but still stand-out. I would wear this outfit for everyday affairs. I'd also wear the hoodie for training sessions and to the gym. 

How would you describe your gender?

Definitely male. I've always had people question whether I'm gay as I can be pretty flamboyant and out there, but I'm certainly heterosexual. 

Are there any words/terms you would find offensive?

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me. 

People get too offended too easily about trivial issues when there are far more severe problems in the world. If someone comes to me with a problem with me or how I live my life, I say it's not my problem; it's theirs. 

I would like gender fluidity to be a movement for freedom or choice, but it currently isn't. 

Do you think if you were another gender, you would be more successful in your profession?

The world isn't run on power; it's run on competence. Whether you're male or female in the workplace means nothing. I'm a personal trainer in a very male-dominated world, but I see just as many great female trainers. 

If you have the brainpower and ability to achieve greatness, then go and achieve it. Don't blame your genitals if you are not performing. You have to change your mindset, get up and do something about it by developing your skill set. 

If you weren't a personal trainer, what would you be?

Dead. I was made to train and motivate people. I went through severe mental health issues, leading to drug use and depression. The only thing that pulled me out of a downward spiral was fitness. I started training intensely every day to cope with my feelings, and I'm glad to say it worked! I now take pride in inspiring other people who may be struggling and in the same situation to do the same. 

Have you felt pressured to conform to stereotypes?

Never. I am independent and in control of myself. If I want to do something, I do it and conquer it. 

How supportive has Manchester been to you?

Manchester is a fantastic place full of opportunity. It has helped me grow as a person through many different avenues. 

Following my struggle with mental health, I decided to try and help others. I go and speak for a charity called Men Talk in Manchester, where I share my experiences and try to inspire others to break bad habits and change the negative patterns in their lives. 

No matter what you've been through, there is always someone else who has shared that struggle, and it is so important to talk about it. 

What defines happiness for you? 

Being confident in who I am as a person. Strive to be what your mind thinks you are and then create more of what you want to be by being true to yourself. 

If you're out of sync with who you think you are and what you want to become, you're deluding yourself that you'll get there. You've got to be truly self-aware to be happy. 

What's your most outstanding achievement?

My current situation. I've been dragged through the bottom of the barrel to get where I am now. At one point, I was so broken. I didn't know who I was or how to overcome my issues. I'm proud to say that I did it all on my own. I'm now happy, confident and on a journey to greatness. 

When did you find your confidence, and how did you find it? 

It's always been instilled in me from a young age, but I gained lots of confidence when I realised I was incredibly good at building my physique.

Once you have mastered self-control, your confidence will go through the roof. I aspire to be a better version of myself every day, and when you start deciding your destiny and stop letting others choose it for you, that naturally builds confidence.

Do you believe you can identify as a different culture as well as gender? 

You can identify as a shoe; it doesn't mean you're a shoe.

Let people embrace other cultures without crying about it. Nobody's getting braids in their hair because of "African culture" So what if a particular style originated somewhere else?

The modern-day world is based on innovations and knowledge from previous ages and other cultures. We would still live in caves, fearing thunder and lightning if not. 

When do you feel the most empowered, and why?

When I help people achieve their dreams, have you ever changed the course of someone's life with your own knowledge? 

There is no better feeling than helping someone overcome their problems. Practising gratitude and love is empowering in itself.

Photo of Tobias Holt
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