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90s Fashion: Hip-Hop Clothing

Velour. Timberlands. Oversized tees. The 1990s were arguably one of the most renowned fashion decades of all time, giving birth to the majority of the trends that continue to dominate our closets today. Icons include (but are not restricted to) Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, N.W.A, and Aaliyah, who each established their own '90s fashion rules that significantly altered the game.

Although hip-hop music dominated the decade, some subgenres gained popularity. Trap music emerged, and gangsta rap dominated the scene. Born on the streets of New York City, some of the world's most iconic gangsta rappers turned their street experiences - from dealing drugs to living in poverty - into music that quickly took over the industry. Baggy second-hand clothing quickly became a staple fashion trend, and tracksuits, which were previously regarded as a low-status symbol, began to gain momentum and popularity around the world. 

Here at Kontroversial, we're going to take a deeper look into some of the hottest 90s hip-hop trends that you can still wear today.

90s Fashion: Oversized Tees

Everyone from Princess Diana to Kylie Jenner has worn baggy T-shirts, so what does this vintage trend have to do with hip-hop? The trend started on the streets of New York City way back when. Before making it big in the music industry, many of your favourite hip-hop artists came from low-income families, faced a lot of inequality and inequity, and grew up in drug-infested neighbourhoods. Young teens would frequently wear tees passed down from older siblings or cousins, and thus the oversized tees trend was born!

Oversized fits from head to toe were the trend, and rappers frequently paired a baggy tee with baggy sweatpants, Timbs, and a polished chain to complete the look.


Gangsta rap was a major subculture of hip hop in the 1990s. This subgenre, influenced by gang culture in New York and Los Angeles, gave rise to the bandana trend. In the 1990s, three major inner-city gangs dominated the scene: the LA-based Bloods, who wore red, the East Coast's Crips, who wore blue, and Chicago's Latin Kings, who wore black and gold. 

2Pac was frequently seen wearing a blue bandana, and the trend has now spread far and wide, with festival goers and fashion insiders alike wearing bandanas as hair accessories. However, given its origins, it is recommended that you leave your paisley-print bandana at home when visiting LA or NYC.

Gold Chains

This is unquestionably a trend that has stood the test of time. N.W.A, the hip-hop legends of the 1990s, were rarely seen without their thick gold chains. Why? Because chains were a way to flaunt your status, wealth, and celebrity status in the most visible way possible. Wearing gold chains with informal sportswear was the epitome of "started from the bottom, now we're here," and it's an industry trend that's still popular and adopted by artists today.

How to Reimagine 90s Fashion Today 

Of course, not every hip-hop fashion trend from the 1990s is still relevant today, and not every trend will compliment your personal style. If you want to incorporate some 90s style into your wardrobe, there are plenty of options. Picking up some baggy t-shirts or baggy jeans is a good place to start.

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